Almost everything us sown and planted and coming up fine. This crop circle is watered, weeded, cultivated and covered too. There is more to be done in the others, but it’s quite early still. I seem to be on top of all the chores for once (if I don’t think about it too much).

Have a good Midsummer Nights Dream!

With no more cabbage from our own garden, we had to empty the bin for ecologically grown cabbage at the suppermarket this morning in order to make a double batch of sauerkraut that should last until fall when our own is ready to harvest.

Field beans (Åkerbönor). Local too.

A double batch, quick and easy to cook and grind.

Yesterday was the big day actually. Anyway hope things equalize soon.

The gear-up is going smoothly. Again 2 kilos of chickpeas instead of 1.

The little jar in front is the extra mix with some home picked dried chanterelle mushrooms added. Just another little experiment. My own mushroom miso from our own forest.

Another batch of 9 month miso.

Here’s another type of fermentaion if you have some good rice koji. You can make this with barley koji too.

4 cups of rice boiled about 40 minutes to softness. No salt!

Cool to about 50 degrees centigrade.

Mix in 3 cups of koji and put in a jar, but not sealed air tight.

Then put into the oven at the lowest temperature (50 – 60 degrees) and keep at that temperature for 7 to 8 hours. Or use a heat chamber.

When done eat alot quickly, give away or freeze for later use.

It’s a great sweetener for desserts.

That time of year again.

Probably this years big snow storm.

We even got in a little bit of skiing before the snow turned wet.

This time it’s going to be a short time fermentation miso – a nine month soybean rice miso – not like a sweet white miso but a darker, saltier, more umame style miso.

The soysauce makers are able get a dark umame rich soy sauce in 9 months, but they have a different recipe, sometimes additives, machines and scientifically controlled conditions in order to speed up and maximize the fermentation. I’ll try tweeking my recipe and methods and see how good a miso I can get.

1 kilo soybeans, 1.2 kilos rice koji and 400 grams salt.

And I’ll try to keep a higher temperature during fermentation. I may try mixing in air at regular intervals too.

It should be finished in october, but we’ll probably open one of the smaller jars in september to taste how it’s going.