The sauerkraut from our own cabbages is running out, so we buy some eco cabbage and make some more.

The cabbages are from eco farmer Ove Andersson who has good storage facilities. They are hard as rocks so 6 will be enough for today.

Some with cumin seed and some not. It should last until summer, maybe until we harvest our own summer cabbage.

A glorious winter morning!

Thinking ahead!

Two year rice miso.

The first for this year.

I always need more cages to protect my plants and bushes from the ever present animals.

All shapes and sizes

Great for skiing!

We’ve already been out skiing once, which is more than what I have done the last two years. And it’s a good thing I’m done with the digging for this season.

Finally a little snow and cold.

And I can get the fall digging done.

Hopefully we get more snow so I can start the ski season.

Still a muddy winter, but lots of cabbage greens and finnish turnips for the daily lunch miso soup.

There is supposed to be some ground freezing weather coming, so I can get my winter digging done.

happy new year

This picture is from summer solstice and now it is winter solstice. The weather is not much different today except cloudy.

Photo; Fredrik Forséll

Our neighbour has a drone and took a picture of our garden earlier this summer. It must have been in the later half of june, when the garden was in and still not too flourishing.

Now it’s december and soon solstice. It’s time for the winter break and getting ready for yet another growing season. This year has been good and next year will undoubtedly be better.