The other day a friend came by and saw me weeding and called it microweeding. Yes, I microweed.

My garden is small enough and I have enough time to spend on minutely picking out the so called weeds before they can get out of hand. This also gives me the opportunity to be selective and pick out only the weeds I find most obnoxious, leaving the nice ones.

There are many weeds I like such as the clovers and other legumes, tricolor violets and such. Then there are the self seeders like sunflowers, poppies, marigolds, cilantro and many more that I leave to propogate unless they get to big or too much and crowd the crops out.

However, I have to admit, it can look very sterile after microweeding, but it doesn’t take long for the weeds to make a comeback with a vengeance.

Oh, I almost forgot, weeding is my favorite form of meditation.