My gothic green house taking form.

I started this five years ago and it will probably take another five to finish. I started by digging and laying a 7 by 3 meter foundation deep enough to not be effected by ground frost. The front will be about 90cm while the back/north side will be about two meters high. The roof will of course be thick glass on a structure of heavy beams.

When done it will contain a wood burning stove as well as trees and plants such as apricot, peach, grapes and other semitropical fruits and flowers. It will also be used for propagating plants for the garden.

The most important use will perhaps be as a sitting room during the winter – sitting next to a cosy fire in a tropical setting while the winter storms rage outside.


Sand and gravel

This farm has just about everything.
All I need is to buy cement, make a mixture of cement and sand and put the stones together. This is quite time consuming, tho, if I try to get everything in line and keep the stone surfaces clean.