We call it black dirt.

This is snother important resource found on this farm along with the clay soil, sand, gravel, stones, wood and lumber. There is a boggy area that once was a lake and wetland where we get peat for the acid loving plants such as the rhododendrons. Nearby there is an area of black dirt.

The farm owner Magnus brings me a tracktor scoup when I need some, which is all the time. It is a fantastic fertlizer and soil improver. I try to make as much compost as possible, but its never enough, so I complement the compost with black dirt. I also include it in the compost.

I should have it analysed, but by experience we know that it works. I haven’t been able to figure out what it is and how it came to be, but It seems to be peat that has become further broken down. Maybe someday it will become oil.

I have to leep it covered in storage because it’s full of weed seeds which will quickly take over and make it difficult to use. The main use is to spread it out in the fields in the spring along with the compost.