Fika time!

There is a very important and well used word in swedish – FIKA. It means coffee break. You stop every thing and have a cup of coffee or two along with the accessories. Swedish coffee is strong – about twice as strong as american coffee but half as strong as turkish.

Along with it you have pastries, or with sandwiches it makes a nice refreshing lunch. It may even be followed by a bit of reading and a nap. It keeps me from working too hard in the garden.

This is one of the main reasons why I moved to Sweden.

Here in my ‘bus stop’ I take my fika and view the maize and contemplate the pumpkin and sunflower growth.

I have about 5 sorts of sweet corn. The maize in the picture above is a tall sort that needs a longer growing season and may not ripen before the killer frost comes at any time now. We have had a tinge of frost a couple of mornings ago, but it seems not to have done any damage. The smaller sorts (below) ripen earlier, and we have been enjoying corn on the cob for nearly a month now.