Our favorite market of the year is the Wik Castle Harvest Market.

A couple of happy customers.

But first we spend friday evening and saturday harvesting, baking and preparing.

The trailer and car are loaded up.

All set up

This year the weather was fabulous both for harvesting and the market. There were more market goers then ever and we sold very well. We had almost nothing left to take home, just a bunch of empty containers.

Our most colorful section was probably the pumpkins. We specialize in japanese pumpkins – ichi kuri and hokkari – and have quite few asian costomers. Swedes are still a bit sceptical.

We sell a wide variety of all the vegetables that grow here. We also sell flowers arranged in bouquets, homemade apple cakes, cinnamon buns and applesauce as well as homemade sauerkraut, cucumber pickles, and miso. All sold well.