Muddy carrots

I dug up some carrots to take to the local farm store Kromsta Lanthandel. This carrot is a Nantes carrot which is good looking and tasty – good for selling. I also grow London Torg – good for storage.

It’s been raining alot, as usuall, so the vegetables are quite muddy and need to be cleaned for selling, especially the carrots and other roots. I have to scrape the clay off each one, soak in water and then brush as much clay off as possible.

For the main harvest I prefer to wait until we get a dry period when the dry clay falls away more easily. When saving for the winter for our own use it doesn’t matter if they are dirty. In fact they keep better dirty.

Another problem is the carrot fly (chamaesila rosae). It has started to appear or rather its larvae are digging into a few of the carrots, so it’s time to get all the carrots out of the ground and into the root cellar before too many get infested. Otherwise you can cut away these parts of the carrots if it’s not too bad.

There are ways to keep these flies away like fleece barriers, marigolds and crop rotation, but nothing seems to help very much, so I have learned to live with them.