The pumpkin patch – a picture from yesterday.

The pumpkins and maize are all harvested and put away. The vines and stalks are all cleaned out and put on the compost except for the sunflowers which remain for the birds. Now the digging for winter gets going.

We did have a powdering of snow last night and the ground is a bit frozen after several frosty nites and cold days, but it is still soft underneath and easy to dig. The boots and shovel don’t get caked in mud now either.

As I’ve said before, the digging is to turn over the clay soil, aerating it and exposing it to freezing which breaks down the structure of the clay making it more tillable. That is, the soil becomes easier to work with in the spring, has better drainage and is a better growing medium for the crops.

Next year this will be a vegetable patch and the pumpkin/maize/sunflower patch rotates to the next crop circle.