I decided to do a little bit of drainage.

This garden was waterlogged most of the fall making it difficult to harvest, especially potatoes, carrots and other roots. It didn’t, surprisingly, harm the growth of the crops.

I wanted a so called french drain which is covered. I dug down to about 50 cm and thought it maybe looked good enough, but the farmer said it should be at least 70 cm deep to keep it from freezing. I then read that it should be 1 meter, but dug down to 70 to 80 cm and felt that that is good enough. I still have to find and connect to an existing drainage pipe running parallel to the road and make a drain on the edge of the crop circle, and the whole system has to slope.

I’ll put drain pipe in the bottom of the ditch, then gravel, then a layer of boards, then dirt and then turf on top. After a period it will sink down and need more fill. Next I’ll drain another crop circle connecting it to this one. That should do it, unless it rains even more next year.