Our one and only winter cabbage this year.

Last year we got a lot of large solid winter cabbages and made a big batch of sauerkraut in november. This year the spring cabbages were great, and we turned them into sauerkraut already in august. Last week we had to buy a bunch of winter cabbage to make more sauerkraut, and we’ll probably do it again soon.

The other members of the brassica family did fine, but the winter cabbage got curly leaf virus. We pulled up all the infected ones and replanted, but it was a bit too late, and they didn’t develop as they should have because of the rainy summer.

This one fine specimen will be used in many dishes. For dinner we made dolmas with steamed cabbage leaves stuffed with a rice, tofu, vegetable and soya mixture, baked in the oven. They were better than usual.