I got busy digging the last garden circle. This is the fenced-in garden protected from the deer and rabbits. We still have two kinds of kale and broccoli there that should hold fine until christmas.

First, I had to drain the area after all the recent rain and wet snow, connecting it to the drainage I did earlier. My new drainage system works great, so I could soon get to work turning the dirt over, preparing it for next years crop of brassica, chards, leeks etc. Things the wildlife can’t resist.

It must look pretty crazy digging in the fresh snow, but I’ve been waiting for this weather (either frost or snow), so that I don’t have to fight the mud as much. At the end of the day I had most of the area done. I can easily finish it tomorrow.

Then I’ll be satisfied for this season. But if it warms up again, there are plenty more digging projects I could work on. Otherwise I’ll take it easy, do some skiing, work on garden art, do a lot of food processing and such for the rest of the winter.