The boys were home today and eager to work, so we decided to make some lactic acid fermented carrots. The last batch was finished off at last nights dinner. We fetched about 8 kilos of carrots from the root cellar. They were in very good condition and had surprisingly little damage from carrot fly larvae.

The ingredients:
– carrots
– garlic
– mustard seeds
– caraway seeds
– seasalt
– canning jars

Make the pickles:
– clean and shred carrots
– weigh up carrots in 1 kilo portions
– to each kilo mix in 15 grams seasalt
– add several garlic cloves
– add a pinch of caraway seeds
– a pinch of mustard seeds
– mix all together
– press into canning jars
– close and seal jars
– label them

Now we place the jars in a warm corner of the kitchen (18 – 22 degrees centigrade), so that the lactic acid bacteria can begin to grow vigorously for about 10 days. They are then moved to the cool food storage cellar, and after about 6 weeks the carrots have fermented sufficiently and are ready to eat.

We’ll eat quite a lot of these pickled carrots, but most will be taken to the farmers market for selling.