Today I spent the day soaking up big city culture in Stockholm.

There was a lunch concert for instance.

They served a very nice soup in the Grunewald Room at the Stockholm Concert Hall. It wasn’t this dark of course. My camera isn’t very good for indoor pictures. The main thing is that the chamber ensamble played baroque music finishing off with Handel, my favorite.

Then later in the evening there was the opening of a new art exibition at the Museum of Modern Art. Le Corbusier is certainly not one of my favorite artists (designer or architect either), but I did make an interesting discovery. He is the one that designed one of my favorite chairs.

This one at the exibition was well used.

Here’s my version. Quite different but based on Le Corbusiers original design. I’ve seen many versions of this chair and didn’t know he was the one that designed it first. The reason I fell for it is, of course, the boxyness of it – all right angles and thus easy to design and make with reclaimed lumber. It’s not very comfortable but with enough cushions it’s fine.