Last week I went skiing everyday. This week is a big thaw. Hopefully it will get cold and snowy again next week for more skiing.

An ephemeral rauk.

Rauk is a swedish word for a stone column formed by natural erosion. They are often found along shorelines like on the island of Gotland and the Pacific shores of Washington State. Here we have one in snow, ice and gravel plowed up by Farmer Eriksson while keeping the farm roads in winter trim.

Near the bus stop is a raised stone that will last much longer. It is a so called bauta stone from the time before the rune stone period. No one knows why it was raised but most likely as a memorial. It has no inscriptions on it and is situated in a prehistoric grave yard. The farm here – Djurbygård – has a long history and prehistory. In fact, our house was built on the edge of a grave hill.

Around here the cycle of life and death are ever present.