Most of the snow has melted and now it’s gotten cold again. The lakes are frozen and smooth, which is perfect for skating. The weather was beautiful yesterday, so I couldn’t say nay to skating even tho I don’t really care much for it. My ankles never seem to get used to the wobbly blades. It’s called long distance skating but I don’t seem to get very far.

I did, however, manage to skate to the other side of the lake to visit the old homestead where I lived many years ago.

It has dilapidated a bit since we lived and gardened here in the 70s. At present it is used by a couple of friends of ours as a summer house. They seem to immensely enjoy the state of disrepair and overgrown nature.

The root cellar

I remember the first time we made sauerkraut. It was in a large wooden barrel kept in this cellar. Most of it rotted into a stinking mass that ended up on the compost. We have learned a lot from our many mistakes.