Step two

After soaking the rice for a number of hours it is time to take the next step.

First I boil the steaming cloths for a few minutes in order to sterilize them.

Put a gauze cloth in the bottom of the steamer and then rice.

Package nicely.

Put over boiling water and steam cook for 20 minutes.

This time I am making two portions. Put the other half of the rice in the second steamer and steam cook after the first is done. I could steam them together but they turn out better when each is done separately.

After steaming let the two portions cool.

Put the steamed rice into a mixing bowl.

Sprinkle an extremely small amount of tane koji powder and mix in thoroughly.

Put into a terracotta form and cover with the damp steamer cloth. For rice koji I have found that the terracotta form works best for retaining a just right balance of humidity and aeration. For barley koji I use wooden trays.

Put the forms in the heat cabinet set at 30 degrees centigrade, testing occasionally with a thermometer.

After 12 hours we will open the cabinet and aerate the rice.