Step 8

The evening of the sixth day

It is time to package the koji that has been drying for two days. In plastic bags it will keep for years in the coolness of the food storage room of the cellar. I will probably use it up within a half a year.

The 800 grams of rice has now become 700 grams of rice koji full of enzymes. Amylase which catalyses the breakdown of starch into sugars, lipase which facilitates the breakdown of fats and protease for the breakdown of proteins. Perfect for making soybeans more palatable as in miso and soy sauce fermentation.

This 700 grams of koji will make as much as 3 kilos of miso. It can also be used to make amazaké rice pudding and saké rice wine.

And that brings us to the end of one koji making cycle.

However, the next batch of rice koji that has been growing these last two days is ready for harvest, and the third batch will now be put to soak. This succession of procedures will continue for the next few weeks.