The ground fog was thick yesterday morning when I went out skiing. I followed old trails and skirted the woods to the neighbors farm, then set out into the white field of fog and snow, not knowing where I was going, but with a sense for the right direction. Finally, I found an animal trail and figured that they had gone where I was heading, so I followed the trail. Sure enough, they led me to the juniper hill where the neighbor has a wind turbine.

The bright future.

It nearly always blows here but not today. When it does, Farmer Westerberg doesn’t use the electricity himself but puts it out on the grid and recieves compensation for it.

The hill is covered with bushes of juniper, wild roses, rowen and sloe. It is a bit late for foraging rosehips and rowen berries, but there were lots of juniper berries and sloe.

Both of which make wonderful beverage flavors. Frozen sloe can be eaten on the spot for a refreshing pick-me-up.