It has been very windy lately and the ground is drying up fast, so I’m now getting busy with my next building project – a portal to the caged garden.

Actually, I started last fall digging and laying foundation blocks before the ground got all too waterlogged.

The flimsy gate of sheep net in place now will be replaced with a roofed-over, wide entrance that can be used as a rest area, encouraging more time to be spent there and thus more work to be done.

I am hoping to put on a sod roof, but I’ll have to wait and see if the beams are strong enough to hold up wet sod for many years. It will be an open structure, with a wind break to the west for protection from sun and wind, a closet where I can keep tools and stuff dry and of course a table and bench for midday ficka (snacks/lunch) and siestas.