After a bit of a grey, dreary day yesterday, it’s much nicer today.

Soy beans have been rinsed and put to soak for cooking this evening.

Tomorrow they will become a jar of mellow miso.

I just made a fresh batch of raw blended lingon.

I wrote about raw lingon in January where there is a super easy recipe for how to make your own. There’s nothing better for the morning bowl of porridge.

The sun is shining.

Oooo! I’d better hook up this iphone. The battery is dying.

It’s so sunny and warm I’ve taken the now sprouting cabbages out to bask in the fresh air.

But only temporarily. They’ll go back into the cellar if it gets cold. In the meantime, it’s good to let them get a full dose of sunshine and fresh cool air to slow them down, so that they don’t grow rank and gangly.