Many years ago I saw some old ladies working on stone at a sculpting course by the sea, and I thought – I’m going to do that too when I get old. So now, after a few years tryng to get into such a course, I have done it.

I have tried to learn on my own and made many mistakes. Now I can learn about the proper tools, how to use them, security and the various kinds of stone.

After an hour of introduction we each chose a piece of stone and started pounding. I took a piece of Sala Marble. Everyone seemed to go almost directly to the power tools. It sounded like a nest of angry wasps revved up to volume 11. I chose to work with hand tools only for the first day, and got the foolish idea to make a hole through my stone by hand, figuring that that would be a good way to learn the tools and strengths of the stone.

The instructor informed me that there are drills for making holes, and that even the ancient Romans had drills (powered by slaves), and that I was dulling the points on the chisels. He sharpened them, gave me some pointers on angles and told me to continue with my experiment. At the end of todays session I had managed to get most of the way through without breaking the stone. Tomorrow!

Here’s what one of the instructors is working on.
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