The early potatoes have been ready for harvest for over a month, and we have been digging them up fresh when needed. Now it is time for a more concerted effort while the dirt is fairly dry. I dug up a couple of rows today starting with a potato called Timo.

Timo is a finnish sort. It is good in many ways, but not superb by any means. I like it mostly because it has a nice name.

We also have a french type called Cherie.

They are also very good potatoes, and I like the color.

Then we have a third sort called King Edward.

It is a much later variety and is still growing like crazy.

Last year we were standing in mud for most of the potato harvest, and it got muddier the longer we waited. It is so nice this year to dig potatoes, carrots and other roots in this beautiful summer/fall weather we are having so far.