After yesterday morning selling vegetables and pickles at the farmers market, we spent the afternoon and evening at the Uppsala Culture Night when all the cultural activies around town have open house and give performances. As usual the first and main stop was the Uppsala Junk Yard for some garden art inspiration.

Enter by way of the right pipe.

The kids love it here – playing in the piles of junk, running the obstacle course, getting dirty and finding treasures. For years I’ve been coveting this iron ball and chain for the garden.

Once upon a time, this granit stone with an iron handel was used to test the young men who sought work on the farm. If they could lift it they were hired.

I would like to learn more about the noble art of smithing and be able to smith my own objects.

And at the end of the day we enjoyed a great concert by a group called Ransta Garden at Hijazz Pub.