The first full day of frost today has meant back to digging.

I had to finish digging up the few potatoes and the quite a few carrots that were left in the ground, then turn over the soil as much as possible.

Farmer Eriksson came by on his way to the forest. He said he is making a tractor road to a part of the forest that has been neglected because of poor accessibility. He also said that he saw that there has been more rain in october and november than last year which was an unusually rainy year. The difference is that last year it rained all summer and fall, and this year it was a dry summer and rainy fall. So far less, but still muddy. That’s why I’ve been waiting for the frost.

I dug all day, but the days are not long, getting dark at 1600. Long enough to give me a good workout and a sore hind leg.