For years I’ve been looking for an old bicycle cart for the garden and around the house. The kind that works just as well without a bike. Every time one comes to the local auction, I never have enough money in my pocket. Someone always wants it much more than I do it seems. They don’t often show up at the auction either.

I figured there must be many unused carts in barns and garages that the owners are willing to sell cheap, so I put an ad in the local newspaper, and sure enough I got five offers. The first was a real nice one, so I bought it right off. Then I was offered 2 really cheap ones that needed repair (wheels and floor boards), so I got them too.

They are easy to fix. Soon I’ll have three. Like most other garden equipment, I need one in each corner of the garden.

They are great for easy transport of all kinds of things and are especially good for harvesting. With the big wheels, they don’t jostle the tender vegetables hardly at all.