I make all kinds of cabbage cages.

The latest


Here are a few more details.

Usually they measure about 240 x 100 x 100 cm, but often differ due to the dimensions of the chicken wire at hand. It’s good to have many different sizes of cages for all the variations in vegetable size and other factors like length and width of rows and beds. Some have removable tops to make it easier to weed and harvest inside. The frames are made of 45 x 45 mm wood, and 22 x 45 mm for the removable tops.

The joinery can be more or less elaborate. The latest cages have chicken wire with a mesh of 16 mm, but I have used coarser mesh too. A finer mesh is better for keeping cabbage butterflies out. I fasten it with a heavy duty stapler and use wire cutters to cut it.