It rained quite a bit yesterday which is good, but it poured a while which is not so good. I got almost all of the first round of tilling, planting and sowing done before It got too wet, so I’m quite satisfied and happy I don’t have to water for a while.

A rainy day is great for making a batch of miso. The last time I was at my favorite eco food store (Gröna Tanten in Uppsala) I found they had Swedish grown eco soybeans. Previously, the eco soybeans were from China.

Swedish to the left.

So I had to try them. They are a little darker than the Chinese but cooked up nicely, and together with the rice koji and salt were easy to work with.

Now to wait 2 years to find out how they taste.

I’ll have to make a batch of quick miso with them in order to find out earlier.

I couldn’t find out which type, by whom or where they were grown – the manager wasn’t in. It’s great that someone has taken it up and succeeded. I’ve tried growing soybeans myself and find it difficult.