One of the children at the garden party a week ago asked me if he could use some tools and scrap wood to build something. I didn’t have time to help him, so I told him that he certainly could if he had an adult help him. Here’s what I found later.


Never too much garden art. This will become a permanent feature, but alas some art is only temporary.

Built by Finn, called a ‘Burning Man’ by one and a Giacometti statue by someone else, it had to come down before the wind blew it down and so that we could store the lights for next year. I wonder what Finn will create next year.


Captured moonlight

Some partiers wondered how he got the statue and arms to dance to the music. That’s an artist’s secret, I suppose, but my theory is that it is so constructed so as to catch the wind in such a way that it can move to every possible rhythm.

Old work;

Purple bowling ball on cement pipe is weathering – cracking and falling apart – creating new and interesting paterns.

The future;

The old log I got from the neighbour is waiting for winter to be carved into something new and geometrical.