I must be getting old – I find it harder and harder to stay awake after dinner. I can’t read or study without falling asleep. I could do stand-up chores like baking, washing dishes, etc, but all too often I dose off watching TV (there are a lot of great educational programs).

Now I have found a cure.

Recently I read an article about a Japanese lady, Hisako Hagiwara, who has been keeping an old tradional embroidery technique called Sashiko alive.

2015/02/img_5172.jpg(Hisako Hagiwara, photo vardensresor.se)

Sashiko is decorative stitchery used to reinforce points of wear, to repair worn spots or cover tears with patches on work clothes, and has become an art form.

(Firemans kimono, photo Björn Grankvist)

I have alot of work clothes that need repair, so I got inspired and tried sashiko.

Knee patches


It looks kind of tacky, but it’s supposed too.

Hemming cut off pant legs

Not only inspired, but a little crazy about it, I found that it keeps me alert as late as I want in the evenings (perhaps the needle sticks get the adrenaline flowing). And it even helps me stay awake for social activities like conversation and games.