It doesn’t take much time for the weeds to get going, and they can soon take over the garden. Here it is mostly an invasive kind of poppy that I don’t dislike, but I have to keep it under control along with the rest of the weeds. 

It looks pretty desolate after weeding. The seeds have hardly germinated, and I do do a thorough job – microweeding. Most organic or eco gardeners allow for weeds because they don’t like monoculture or bare earth, but I have to have the weed situation under control before leaving the garden for a week and a half for our annual trip go the far north. And, although I don’t care much for minimalism, I like it when it comes to weeding. 

Mulch gets piled on as I weed or as soon as possible, and I  leave a few poppies and other nice weeds like cilantro for color and food.