It’s been a terrible year for pumpkins. The weather was cold and rainy and the ground was cold, wet and compact when I planted the  small seedlings out. They never really got going. I thought that I might not get any this year, but the fall has been quite nice, so I got a lot of tiny pumpkins – ripe too. 

It was getting cold yesterday, so I picked all that were left.   

The amount is right, but each one should be about 2 or 3 times bigger.  

Mice were getting at them too.   

It was good that I picked them yesterday.  

For a while I was wondering if I had gotten a package of seeds for mini pumpkins, or that they were planted too close to each other, or that I had fertilised too little, or that the sunflowers shaded them too much, but everyone I’ve talked to around here has had the same result with their pumpkins. 

Try again next year!