It’s rapidly approaching the end of the year, and things are winding down in the garden. The weather has been oscillating between frost and thaw and warm, with some rain and lots of wind.  

The tarps are still in place, but will soon need some reinforcement. 

The shop behind the house is secure. 

The pond is full.  

The ditches and drainage are working overtime.  

I’ll soon be done with the last digging.   

The leaves are soon all raked up and piled at the compost. 

I bought a load of lumber on sale, so I can get back to work on this garden shelter. 

New blackberry bushes from a friend are in.  

And I’m working with the landlords Christmas smorgasbord most of december peeling potatoes and other chores. The peels go on the compost.  

Farmer Magnus shot 2 wild boars the other day. Of course, that won’t stop them from soon overrunning the garden. 

Etc. Etc.