Every year in the spring I go to the Stockholm garden show. In a way it’s getting old and boring, but I have to go to meet friends and get some stuff and inspiration.

Here are some picts.

The greatest surprise and inspiration were the rusty sheet metal containers. I’m going to have to get into welding. I’d like to sink a metal ring around each crop circle.

This girl was eager to tell me all about the situation in Africa for food, farmers and saving traditional crop seed. I was intrigued by the standing balls of straw – not bee hives or bird houses, but seed saving bundles!

Bird houses made by school children.

A shirt/jacket I wish I had bought.

A lighting rack for starting plants indoors I wish I had.

Some fencing

There was a portable heavy-duty frame with tarp roof that was being used to hang hamocks that they were selling. It won’t blow apart in a storm either. But it was from Hungary and not for sale. Next year maybe he said.

And of coarse I got some plants – a cold-hearty wisteria from Siberia and a golden cherry tree – from my favorite garden store in Finland – Blomquists.