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The old mini greenhouse has been rotting away for the last couple of years. 

Time to make a new one. I found another window the same size, so it will be bigger too. 

4 more squat protective cages – 11 in all – should be enough for this winters production. 

4 new ones should be enough for now, but I think I will design a new kind  that is not as high, lighter and easier to move around, that would be better for lettuce and strawberries. 

Another good winter activity. I never seem to have enough of these cages. 

They are for protecting favorite berries and vegetables from rabbits, deer, birds and even cabbage butterflies. Without them I would probably never get any strawberries, lettuce, brassica, chard or beets. 

Winter came all of a sudden with a storm – wind, rain and snow. The last fews days have been a mad scramble to winterize as much as possible before the big freeze. 

The next ten days are supposed to be below freezing, so I’ve tried to get the remaining potatoes, carrots, parsnips, turips and beets out of the ground before it freezes solid. Lettuce, fenel, chard, cabbage, etc. must also be taken in to warmer climes. 

The gothic greenhouse gets a protective covering too. 

Of course it will probably get warm again and thaw out. I’ll be able to do my digging and other chores until the end of December. 

The floors are finished, or rather the floor and platform are finished.

The platform is for sitting, resting and sleeping. And for storing garden tools under. 

After cleaning out the gothic greenhouse construction site, this old tarp fits perfectly for keeping boots out of the clay and roots smothered in the clay.

The floor is in now too. 

The main building is done – the foundation, frame, walls, roof and floor, but there’s still a bit left. Mostly the trimmings. 

Now for the floor. 

The joists are in place. The boards we cut last year are good and dry. The building is ready for the floor to go in. Sunset Shed may get done this year. 

I’m filling in the spaces betweeen the stones I’ve cemented together for this section this year. 

I hope to finish this part next summer with another 40 – 50 cm. If the weather holds out I may get the other section completed this fall. 

But the days are warm. I’ve taken the 4 trays of brassica and lactuca outside in the sun, because the seeds were starting to sprout and I didn’t want the young tender plants to run away on me and become long gangly plants that would blow to pieces in the first wind when planted out in may.  

They are in a temporary cold frame in the gothic greenhouse construction now where it’s a little warmer.  

But I have to remember to to put extra plastic over them at night.