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But the days are warm. I’ve taken the 4 trays of brassica and lactuca outside in the sun, because the seeds were starting to sprout and I didn’t want the young tender plants to run away on me and become long gangly plants that would blow to pieces in the first wind when planted out in may.  

They are in a temporary cold frame in the gothic greenhouse construction now where it’s a little warmer.  

But I have to remember to to put extra plastic over them at night.   

I’m preparing for the roof.   

But all the angles are off, and the used corrugated metal roofing needs right angles. I tried to get right angles and parallels from the start, but something has gone askew. 

Oh well, on the next warm, wind calm day I’ll lay them out and do the best I can. I don’t think anyone will notice. 

The jet lag is slowing me down, but I’ve managed to get back work and do a little.   


I’ve gotten the backside half done, but now I’ve run out of old salvaged siding. I have some in the basement drying and found some more in the barn, and that might do it. Later I’ll go further and look for more. I’ve heard of a farm nearby that is tearing a building down and they want to get rid of stuff, so I may be in luck. 

There are also other jobs to do like prune the trees.

And tomorrow I’ll get back into making koji and miso. 

Last views of Seattle  

and the mountains 

I had a wounderful time visiting friends and relatives and gardens and spring and more. Now I’m back home in cold, still wintery Sweden.  

I’m looking forward to getting back to building, pickling, koji and miso making.  

I saw a lot of cool stuff and met a lot of interesting people at the garden show. The NORTHWEST FLOWER & GARDEN SHOW.

A stone slab mound

Rain forest garden  
Basalt pillars 

Hexagonal shed 

 Marenakos supplies stones to just about everyone 

Dan Robinson a bonsai master  

He had the biggest stones and wild bonsai and was my favorite.  

His juniper scrag gave me some ideas.

Biodynamics was represented – good dirt to stick your hands into, but I was suprised at the absence of other alterantive gardening groups.  

There was an excellent lactic acid bacteria pickling seminar by Erica Strauss  

 I learned quite a few new tricks -and bought her book.

And there was much, much more…




 And garden art ideas 


A street side booth at Langley on Whidbey Island.  
Complete with triangular bell.  
Great idea for the garden. 

Yesterday we took a trip to Preston Washington, where among things, there was a fabulous stone company – Marenakos Rock Center.

There was a fantastic expo of stone building, stone art and garden art.  





I only wish I could take some home.

Some more vegetable cages 
Another wall 

Of old planks 
Not bad for the lazy days of winter. Now for a trip to the States and even more laze. 

A new cage for the garden to cover cabbages and other plants.  
I now have many of these cages in all different sizes, to keep the rabbits and deer from getting at and eating my vegetables. This one is smaller and easier to move around. I plan to make 3 more this winter. 

Notice, all the snow is gone. The american storm came with warm winds and rain. I hope it soon gets cold and snowy again.