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It’s a cold early saturday morning before going to the market, a hearty breakfast is neccessary.

Oatmeal mush with lingonberry jam, yoghurt and rosehip powder, a cup of coffee, and of course a cup of miso.

Happy Solstice!

Dandelions in all their glory, but I love the sight and smell of new cut grass.

Still life on the deck

Happy Equinox!

First market this year at Fyristorg.

Not many sellers and not many buyers, but it’s going pretty good for this time of year.

It is now officially announced: The Uppsala Fermentation Day

Same place as last year – at the Culture Oasis.

We’ll be there selling our fermentations and I’ll give a demonstration on how to make your own miso at home.

Yesterday was the darkest day. The sun rose late and went down early, and besides that, a heavy fog and drizzle covered the land. Last night was the longest night, but at 05:19 the tide changed. It’s supposed to get brighter till midsummer.

We’ll see!

The bees are still active getting some more nectar for winter.