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We have had a few glorious days of winter this last weekend.

You may notice that the deer have been pawing under the rose hedge. And they have made it a temporary sleeping place.

They seem to feel safe and secure close to us.

4 more squat protective cages – 11 in all – should be enough for this winters production. 

4 new ones should be enough for now, but I think I will design a new kind  that is not as high, lighter and easier to move around, that would be better for lettuce and strawberries. 

We were out on a yule excursion the other day and found these sloe. Delicious after the frost and thaw. The birds love them too. 

Happy New Years Eve!

I had these savoy cabbages covered with garden fleece, but not very well. ​

Cabbage moths got in and laid thousands of eggs that developed into cabbage worms, which I didn’t notice under the fleece.

High time to get out the BT (bacillus thuringiensis) and do some spraying. If It works the cabbages can make a comeback.  

This is an old story that repeats itself every year. For many years I didn’t even try to grow brassicas, but the last few I’ve been trying many ecological methods of pest control like fleece, wire netting and BT with quite a bit of success. 

It’s nice to be home again. The garden looks good. 

9 days of new growth. 

But I could complain, the weeds have been growing even more so, the rabbits and deer have been feasting too, and my hay fever is worse than ever after the period of relief up north. 

But why complain!

A day later. After a stressed out day of weeding and putting the garden in order and then an all night train trip, I’m in the mountains of northern Sweden for my annual hiking vacation. I’m at Abisko mountain lodge this year, hiking in the rain and cold.

I’m already back at the lodge drinking coffee beside the open fire warming up and drying off. 

Now for a sauna to warm my bones and a reindeer meat dinner. 

A new cage for the garden to cover cabbages and other plants.  
I now have many of these cages in all different sizes, to keep the rabbits and deer from getting at and eating my vegetables. This one is smaller and easier to move around. I plan to make 3 more this winter. 

Notice, all the snow is gone. The american storm came with warm winds and rain. I hope it soon gets cold and snowy again. 

Here come some more pictures from the Big Garden Party that I have collected from our event page on Facebook.  





In the garden busstop  
 Tesla generator

 Clipped paper projections 
 The magicians 

 In the tipi    

And the grand finale’ – Aurora Borealis to the sitar music of Palace in Space.  @Kiljano

These picts are from various friends cameras – I hope no one minds. Thanks to Tobias, Finn, Dj Kiljano, Sana Grön and all others. 

By the way – again, not one bush, tree or plant was steped on or damaged!!!!

We took a trip to the mountains of northern Finland to do some wandering, but we got as far as the visitors center and took this picture. 

It was so cold, cloudy and rainy that we chickened out and took in at the Crazy Reindeer Hotel in Levi instead. They had a sauna in every room and a grand breakfast!  

That may have been just as well, as my hip joints are not what they used to be. We had a wonderful time anyway, testing our Finnish etc.