There are a few more objects of art in the garden.

The stone I got for a birthday present has been raised. 

Farmer Ericsson brought over a cement tub. 

This will sooner or later be rolled into the gothic greenhouse, tipped upright and filled with water for watering, and water art. 

I had a bunch of cement pipe holes laying around that I didn’t have any use for. Why not make a garden cairn?

This old stump needed a flat sone on top. 


It’s time to start harvesting the ones that are getting big. Very nice, but before I cleaned them, they looked pretty bad because of the bugs.

We could eat them, or sell them, or better yet, save them for the future – make sauerkraut. 

And the one on the right has one chili pepper (cayanne) diced into it. 

I slept in the garden shed last night.

And woke up to this. 

The reason (besides the fresh air and beautiful veiw) was that we discovered that the deer had been jumping over or forcing the fence in the protected garden. 

And eating chard

So, I fixed the fence 

And figured that I should try to give them a scare in the night. But I didn’t hear or see a thing. I slept very well!

The first bucket of cucumbers marks the start of a new pickling season. 

Along with dill, garlic, mustard seed, salt and water, everything is stuffed in the jar for fermentation. 

The destination of our trip was Gunillaberg, an estate run by the danish floral artist Tage Andersen. The weather was a perfect mix of grey clouds, rain and even some sun. 

There are lots of animals of various old fashion species and races that keep the grass perfectly trimmed. 

A wild profusion of trees, bushes, shrubs, weeds and flowers


And gobs of garden art

For many people the high point might be a concert in the conservatory

Or one of Tages pastries in the outdoor cafe

Or a visit to the outhouse.

We stopped att The Naturhus in Uppgrenna for lunch. 

Where they have an eko cafe in the garden. 

Pumpkin soup

As well as concerts, tours and other events in the vegetable garden. 

After all the guests snd garden parties, we are off on a garden viewing trip. First stop is Järna – a nice little home-made greenhouse full of tomatoes and peppers. 

This last week we’ve had visiters from the USA – my brother, his children and grandchildren. They have been great help setting up, running and taking down at all the recent garden events. Along with lots and lots of help in the garden.

This shed is almost completely made of salvaged building material. 

Some really old lumber that anyone else would take to the dump. 

But with a coat of red barn paint (falu red) it looks like new and will probably last another 50 years. 


Some art left behind


Taking it easy again