I made my last rice koji a few days ago for this season. I have enough now for a couple more miso batches, sales and the fall season miso making. About 20 kilos in all.

Now I have to make barley and rye koji.

‘I should have made more 2 years ago.’ I’ve said that so many times. Now I’ve sold so much miso that it looks like I won’t have enough for this summers markets. And we are already planning for a new Fermentation Day in october. I am making more koji and miso now, but it won’t be ready in time, so I’ll have to make a couple more batches of 6 month miso to supplement the supply.

I’ll also make a 6 month miso with barley koji in june for the december markets.

Another winter/spring job is to repair old plant protection cages,

and make new ones,

to protect plants like lettuce and cabbage from deer and rabbits.

It sure seems like spring has come, so besides the indoors jobs of koji and miso making, I’m getting more and more into preparations of the garden for spring. As the ground unfreezes I can work on the compost piles.

I’m airing, straightening everything out, making it look nice and chasing rodents.

This is the latest pile with winter refuse.

I’ve got 10 piles now, with 5 ready to go out on the crop circles, and 5 to continue fermenting until next spring.

Yet another batch of barley miso. I’m making more than ever, because it already seems like I don’t have enough for this year. I should have made more 2 years ago.

I’m using the standard recipe, but the korn koji is a little different this time. I made it with some tane koji starter that was at least 30 years old. It seemed to grow fine but not as profusely as usual. I expect it will make a good miso tho.

The small jar is also an experiment. My wife was making some sourdough bread using caraway and fennel seeds for flavor, and I got the bright idea of adding some to the small amount of mix that was left. Lo and behold – caraway miso!

Or we will see 2 years from now.

It’s that time of year!

The two old apple trees get a good trimming.

The plum, cherry and others either don’t need it or get a trimming later.

As I’ve said before, I’m into eclectic pruning – anything goes as long as it looks good and opens the tree up to the wind and sunshine.

That goes for gardening also – anything goes as long as it looks good and is ecological.

Eclectic gardening or pragmaculture.

Today is the premier for this year!

We’re back again this year to see stuff, buy plants and seeds and meet people. My favorite this year is this rolling green house.

Earlier and earlier every year, it doesn’t amount to much, but I try to get some early greens each spring.

One tray of eruca (wild rucola) and the other of spinach.

I thought of putting them out into a cold frame or such to see what happens, but then we have an old car on the way to the junk yard, and I got the bright idea of using it as a green house in the meantime.

It might work if it doesn’t get too cold and if the sun comes out sometime soon.