Strange weather today!

They say that the remnants of a tropical storm blew in from the Gulf Stream today. 

I’ve reached the top of the back wall and am done with this years stone building. 

Now during the winter, I can start building the the wooden superstructure. 

No fun messing about in the garden today, so in keeping with this years early start at miso making, I’ll make some herb rice miso. 

With some foresight, I cooked a load of sojbeans last night. 

And with some garlic, basil, oregano, thyme and of course rice koji and salt. 

And 2 years fermentation.

The small amount on the right got a diced fresh cayenne pepper too. 

It was cold, wet and muddy, but, as in previous years, a group of students from CEMUS (Uppsala University Department for Sustainable Development) came out for a work day in the garden and got a lot of work done, like picking pumpkins and tomatoes before the frost gets them

Cabbage for a big batch of sauerkraut. 

Moving a couple of trees

Fixing the compost piles

And much more. 

After the good, hard, work, we retired to the kitchen to warm up and dry out with pumpkin soup and lively discussions. 

Another lactic acid fermentation course has started. 

The first session is in making sauerkraut.

Next week we’ll be making pickled carrots and then kimchi. 

More september miso. This time a barley miso. 

I may never be finished, but I felt close to it when I put some finishing touches on the newest garden rest hut.

The roof top is now sealed with old tins. 

These are large olive oil tins cut open and bent to fit (we use a lot of olive oil). The end got a tail – tin flapping in the wind. 

Then I painted the front with pine tar paint. 

It looks kind of weird, but I’m already getting used to it and like the change. And I love the smell of it. 

I’m back at Fyris Farmers Market after 3 weeks at other markets. It’s grey and drizzly, but it’s going pretty good. 

This weeks fermenting. 

I’ve been working on this blog for hours – finally got it – for this time. First add the pictures in reverse order, then put in the text (which comes in the wrong place, imposible to get it between pictures). Like here! 

I made some fermented carrots today. This is the best way to keep them for the winter as we have carrot fly worms that destroy most of the carrots during storage. I harvested the biggest ones, cleaned and shredded them. 



added garlic, ginger and salt, and then put it into jars for fermentation. 

…If this frustating wordpress editing quirkyness keeps up I’ll have to quit wordpress.