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This year is a great year for apples. We have been gathering the wind falls and took them yesterday to the juicer. 

The whole family and friends are involved

The result
It’s delicious, so a lot has been drunk or given away already, but there is still alot to make into apple wine and cider. 

We got some yeast (for port wine) at the local wine makers shop. Now it is mixed into some of the apple juice and brewing in the cellar.


We picked the remaining apples from our tree including good ground falls, washed them and took them to the apple press at Ransta Trädgård.



In the press


Now we have about 40 liters of delicious apple juice to drink up quickly, or freeze in, or make cider or wine. In the end some will become apple cider vinegar.


Today is the day the local juice press is open, so we picked about 60 kilos of apples mostly from the ground and took them for pressing.

The press is an old hand screwed type and very effective.

We got a little more than 30 liters of apple juice. It is more sour than usual probably because of the cool summer weather. The apple pulp goes to the presser’s sheep.

At home we filled a bunch of bottles like these as well as bigger plastic containers. These go on the back porch for storage which is like a refrigerater until the really cold weather sets in after new year.

Neither the juice nor the bottles are sterilised or pasteurised, so gradually the juice ferments and in the end becomes apple cider vinegar, but we usually drink it all up before that.