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Here come some more pictures from the Big Garden Party that I have collected from our event page on Facebook.  





In the garden busstop  
 Tesla generator

 Clipped paper projections 
 The magicians 

 In the tipi    

And the grand finale’ – Aurora Borealis to the sitar music of Palace in Space.  @Kiljano

These picts are from various friends cameras – I hope no one minds. Thanks to Tobias, Finn, Dj Kiljano, Sana Grön and all others. 

By the way – again, not one bush, tree or plant was steped on or damaged!!!!

Fantastic weather, wonderful guests, enthusiastic artists, great music, good food!

First comers 
Neigborhood magicians 

Lisa did her magic 
House band Å played with guest saxophonist Ola.  
The evening rounded off with a mezmerizing concert by the India inspired trio, Palace in Space, which called forth a spectacular aurora display, puntuated with falling stars from the Perseids meteor shower. Magic for those who were still up. 

Morning after breakfast  
Abandoned tent camp 

Someone painted rocks 
As usual, I was so busy cooking chili to take very many good pictures – more will come later – as friends send them in.