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Ladt night the temperature went down under the freezing point. The frost sensitive plants may not have died and the fruits were not damaged, but it looks like there will be more frost in the days and nights to come, so it’s definitly time to harvest the rest of the pumpkins, cucumbers, sweet corn, tomatoes and squash.

Almost all the pumpkins are in, as well as the the other sensitive crops, so let the cold come.

I took some pictures last week of the garden in full bloom.



Then came the Wik Castle Harvest Market. This year was the best ever with great weather, lots of people and record sales.

Then yesterday was the first fall storm that blew down most of the sweet corn and sunflowers.


A haystack fell.

The tipi had to be rescued before it blew away.

Now tonight it is supposed to get below freezing, so if it isn’t blowing too much I’ll try to cover some of the pumpkin patch with light tarps so they can continue growing and ripening for perhaps a few more weeks. And tomorrow stand the sunflowers and corn up again with supports.


The rain has stopped, the sun is out, it’s warming up again and drying out. Maybe it is still summer, but it sure felt like fall had come the last two weeks.

The pumpkin patch always makes a good picture this time of year.



There are some pumpkins in there, but it’s hard to see how they can survive in that sea of green.


The sweet corn is ripening too.


A sure sign that autumn is around the corner. Here in Sweden anyway.

The weather appears to be turning colder. Autumn is ending, and winter is coming on.

I found some more plants on sale last week, so in an end of season effort I planted 12 more trees and bushes completing one end of the hedge.

With frost holding firm, I got the second crop circle done – the clay soil turned over, ditching improved and leaves spread over the turned soil.

But not without plenty of rest in the ‘bus stop’.


Kromsta farm near here started a local market a few years ago. It’s in a very old remodeled laundry shed and open friday and saturday every week or by appointment. Along with Kromsta’s own products many local producers sell such things as bread, marmelade, eggs, vegetables, cheese and meat here. We sell some our produce here too.

They hold a bigger outdoor market once a year on the third saturday of october.

We were there with vegetables, apple cake, apple juice, pickles, sauerkraut, miso, pumpkins and more. It was cold and rainy, but we had a good time meeting people interested in locally produced food. One thing for sure, tho, we’ll never get rich selling vegetables.

The other morning the indoor/outdoor mini/max thermometer recorded a low of 5.5 degrees celsius. Pretty cold. The thermometer is close to the house so it should be colder out in the garden, and some gardeners not far away reported frost, but I found no frost in the frost pockets and no dammage to any of the sensitive plants like the pumpkins. It’s been a cool wet summer, so we are expecting an early frost this year, now we’ve had a warning – get the tarps and fleece ready.

Last year the first killer frost came towards the end of october. Every year has it’s highs and lows. This year may get an early frost but the rain has given us a bumper crop already. We ate our first sweet corn last week.


Sowing more greens

Actually I did this two weeks ago and didn’t have time to post on it then.

I’m sowing 5 kinds of lettuce and bulb fennel. These plants get special care to get them growing early and vigorously for planting out as soon as possible. I do this a few times during the summer. This is the last one and hopefuly we will have fresh greens in the autumn