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And to celebrate I just happened to make a new batch of herb barley miso.

That is, 2 years from now

Yet another herb miso – this time with my barley koji, italian soybeans and atlantic seasalt and of course home grown herbs.

I had to shuck some more of last years thyme.

Cook and mix it all.

And wait a while.

The jar in the front had quite a bit of empty space, so I put a dried chili pepper in and some 20% salt water to top it off, hoping to get some spicey tamari 2 years hence.

Still making miso.

A standard barley miso.

I’m expecting the market will be going strong 2 years from now.

I’ve made all my rice, barley and rye into koji now. Here’s the last batch ready to dry.

But it’s a bit early! It’s not time to start planting seeds for the garden yet either, so I think I’ll buy more barley and continue to make koji for this fall.

With no winter in sight, I’ll have to call it spring activies I’m into now.

No miso this week, but barley and rye koji growing is still going on – blooming strong.

While warm wind storms blow outside, I can hide in my tarp protected workshop behind the house and do some carpentry and maintanance.

Like more vegie cages


And cubistic garden art to sit on

A cold frame window to fix

Sorting nails and other stuff

This week – Fava Bean Miso.

The fava bean is also known as field bean and broad bean. Compared to soybean, this bean is also high in good quality protein and much easier to grow here in Sweden. For this miso I use the standard recipe but with fava beans (shelled), along with barley koji and salt. These beans take much less time to boil too.

I made some fava bean miso 2 years ago. I sampled it recently and found it very good – worth making more of.

The first batch of barley koji this year is good.

Many more to go.

I was out to the organic farm yesterday and got the barley and rye for making koji.

Ingvar has his own mill for making different kinds of flour.

He can husk the barley and slightly polish it – the rye too.

The first batch is rinsed and soaking already.

The last batch of inoculated rice is in the incubator.

About half inoclated with Gem starter and half with Higuchi starter, 25 kilos of polished eco rice turned into about 22 kilos of koji.

It looks like I have a good supply for the rest of the year.

But not done yet!

Now for barley and rye koji. I’ve ordered 10 kilos each of slightly polished barley and rye from a local eco farmer who has a polishing machine which I’ll get next week.

The swedish soybeans I had yesterday were boiled and cooled overnight. They look pretty good, a bit dark maybe, but that’s all right for a barley miso.

The ground mash looks fine too.

And in the jar it looks just right, as it should.