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Koji season has started.

I’m using the fresh barley from Stora Hällsta and the tane koji starter from Higuchi Shoten, Osaka.

Yesterday I was out at Stora Hällsta, the organic farm where I buy my barley and rye for koji making, as well as other farm products.

They have a full battery of milling machines, including a huller for hulling barley. When I order whole grains for koji making, I have them run through the huller i little extra, so that the koji mold grows better. That goes for the rye too, even tho it does’t need hulling.

More september miso. This time a barley miso. 

One more barley miso – a standard 2 year barley miso with herbs. 

That is: 1 kilo swedish soybeans, 1 kilo barley koji, 460 grams seasalt with 6 garlic cloves and a deciliter each of thyme, basil and oregano. 

So far, I have made more than 10 kilos of barley koji and 3 batches of barley miso (1 with herbs). I have used 3 kilos of barley koji for miso, sold 1 and have 6 kilos left for sales and making more miso in the fall. 

Now that I’ve made 10 batches of barley koji and I’ve run out of suitable barley it’s time to switch over to making rice koji. 

Instead of wooden trays, I have found that terra cotta bread forms work much better for rice. 

The terra cotta forms are unglazed, so they breath and hold a certain amount of water – just right for rice koji growing, barley koji however, grows better in the wider open wooden trays. 

Another batch of miso – one  a week – the second this year – a 2 year barley miso. 

1 kilo of barley koji, 1 kilo of swedish soybeans, 460 grams seasalt and 2 years fermentation. (That’s in dry weight.)

While the koji making is rolling on, I can do a lot of other stuff like read, ski, do carpentry and also make miso. This season I plan on making about 7 batches – 2 barley, 2 rice, 1 herb, 1 chickpea and experiment in making rye koji and rye miso. 
Now that I have quite a bit of barley koji with more to come, I will make some barley miso. 

Two more days and the first batch is dry, the second is ready to dry, and the third is going in the incubator. 

The sweet pungent smell of koji has filled the house once again. Ripe and sporulating and ready for harvesting and drying.

It’s day 2 after 48 Hours.

And spread out in a thin layer

It will be dry in 2 days when the next batch of barley koji is ripe and ready.

Now that the garden is winterized as good as it’s going to get, it’s time to start making koji for this years miso production. I’ve gathered the utensils I need. 

For my first batch I’ve washed a kilo of barley and put it to soak for this evenings steaming. 

Notice that the barley is slightly polished for better koji growth.