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One more barley miso – a standard 2 year barley miso with herbs. 

That is: 1 kilo swedish soybeans, 1 kilo barley koji, 460 grams seasalt with 6 garlic cloves and a deciliter each of thyme, basil and oregano. 

So far, I have made more than 10 kilos of barley koji and 3 batches of barley miso (1 with herbs). I have used 3 kilos of barley koji for miso, sold 1 and have 6 kilos left for sales and making more miso in the fall. 

Another batch of miso – one  a week – the second this year – a 2 year barley miso. 

1 kilo of barley koji, 1 kilo of swedish soybeans, 460 grams seasalt and 2 years fermentation. (That’s in dry weight.)

While the koji making is rolling on, I can do a lot of other stuff like read, ski, do carpentry and also make miso. This season I plan on making about 7 batches – 2 barley, 2 rice, 1 herb, 1 chickpea and experiment in making rye koji and rye miso. 
Now that I have quite a bit of barley koji with more to come, I will make some barley miso. 

The end of year miso making season is getting intense. 

A kilo of swedish soybeans, 1 kilo barley koji, and 460 grams seasalt. 

The beans were cooked for four hours last night,

then ground,

then packed into jars for 2 years of fermentation. 

Meanwhile, let’s go skiing. 

But the garden is getting more and more enticing.

The soybeans were soaked, boiled, then ground and mixed with barley koji and salt.
1 kilo of soybeans, 1 kilo of barley koji and 460 grams of seasalt make: 

Nearly 5 liters of miso after fermenting. 

I think I will make some barley miso tomorrow. 


A jar of barley miso and one of brown rice miso and a little jar of mixed.  

We can’t sell the mixed, but we can use it ourselves. 

4.5 more liters of barley miso:  

I made some more barley miso.  

A kilo of swedish organic soybeans, a kilo of locally grown (St Hällsta Kvarn) organic homemade barley koji and 460 grams atlantic seasalt. 

The result will be ready for Christmas 2017.