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The first batch of barley koji this year is good.

Many more to go.

I was out to the organic farm yesterday and got the barley and rye for making koji.

Ingvar has his own mill for making different kinds of flour.

He can husk the barley and slightly polish it – the rye too.

The first batch is rinsed and soaking already.

The last batch of inoculated rice is in the incubator.

About half inoclated with Gem starter and half with Higuchi starter, 25 kilos of polished eco rice turned into about 22 kilos of koji.

It looks like I have a good supply for the rest of the year.

But not done yet!

Now for barley and rye koji. I’ve ordered 10 kilos each of slightly polished barley and rye from a local eco farmer who has a polishing machine which I’ll get next week.

Yesterday I was out at Stora Hällsta, the organic farm where I buy my barley and rye for koji making, as well as other farm products.

They have a full battery of milling machines, including a huller for hulling barley. When I order whole grains for koji making, I have them run through the huller i little extra, so that the koji mold grows better. That goes for the rye too, even tho it does’t need hulling.

More september miso. This time a barley miso. 

I’ve used up all of my supply of pearled barley. I’ll need much more and have ordered a 25 kilo sack. 

Here is the result of this springs barley koji making – 5 kilos. 



I’ll use 2 kilos for miso making now and save the rest for miso this fall. I still need to make a little more rice and brown rice koji for this autumn too. 

The last batch of barley koji is in the incubator almost ready to be put out to dry.

The koji season is coming to a close. The supply looks good. Enough for this years miso making and some koji to sell to other miso makers. (Note; there is an odd shadow discoloration in the middle of the following pict – should be whiter)

And now the miso making season is started with a double cook of soy beans made into a two year rice miso and a two year barley miso.

But first a little break from gardening, carpentry and food processing – tomorrow we get on the plane and head to Kyoto Japan for an immersion into Japanese culture.

The koji made with the new barley turned out great.

The hulling was just right.

Out to dry.


I was out to Farmer Petersson yesterday and bought 10 kilos of hulled (pearled) barley. He had already hulled the barley. I had hoped for slightly more polishing, but I’m sure it will be quite suitable for koji making.

It looks like nearly all the individual grains are polished enough to let the Aspergillus oryzae mold get in, get growing and produce loads of enzymes.

I have been making rice koji steady since the middle of January – a batch nearly every three days. I now have about 15 kilos, and that’s enough for miso making this year plus some to sell. I’ve run out of tane koji for rice koji anyway, so now I definitely have to get more when we are in Japan.

This time one half (one of the two crocks) turned out greener than the other due to sporulation.

I had let them incubate longer – 54 hours instead of the normal 48. I will test for differences in the subsequent miso.

Now I must make a few batches of barley koji, but first I have to get some well hulled barley.

That’s not easy to find, but tommorow I’m going to visit an eco barley farmer who has a hulling machine we can hopefully tune just right.