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While the third and last (for this season) batch of barley koji is still growing in the incubator, I will make some barley miso with the first one.

Here’s what we need:
700 grams soybeans
700 gr barley koji
320 gr sea salt

Start out by washing and soaking the beans for about 8 hours.

Boil the soybeans about 4 hours, keeping an eye on it, especially in the beginning, so that it doesn’t bubble up and boil over.

Let the beans cool down. Normally I cook the beans in the evening and then let them sit on the stove overnight to cool down slowly.

Mix in koji and salt.

Mash with an immersion blender into a fine consistency leaving a few beans whole.

Pack into an air-tight canning jar pressing out as much air as possible.

The result:

3 kilos of barley miso

– but first it has to ferment for 2 years. I leave it in a corner of the kitchen a couple of weeks to get it going, then take it to the cooler food cellar to ferment slowly.

I have enough barley koji now to make two more such batches of barley miso. We will use a small portion of this miso in our own cooking and sell or give away the rest.

After making 8 batches of rice koji, I’ve been making some barley koji too. The barley I use is slightly polished so that the aspergillus mold can penetrate the hull and the bran.

I follow the same procedure as I described in rice koji making earlier. There are, however, slight differences in odor, color, growth etc. The main difference in my procedure is that I use wooden (ash wood) boxes without lids, because these keep a better balance between air and moisture that is just right for the steam cooked barley.

The mold grows faster and flowers early on the second day. Still, I let it grow about 48 hours as with the rice.

The color at flowering (sporulation) is a rich greenish-yellow tan. When harvesting the koji, a cloud of mold spores rises, so do it carefully. Dry it and package it for later use in making barley miso.