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I got the bindweed and other weeds out, and it looks quite a bit nicer, I think. Now we can see my ‘amazing’ rockery better anyway. Below is the before picture.

The roots are, of course, still in there, poised for a come back.

My yearly bout with bindweed – I’m sure to loose.

I can remove it and it looks pretty nice for a while, but it will always come back, especially around rockeries.

They always come back.

I have, however, managed to get them under control in the vegetable gardens by intensive weeding and fall digging, but perenial areas are impossible.

Home again to thriving weeds while the pumpkins are struggling to get themselves rooted.  

I’ve been cutting the grass, raking, weeding and mulching. The grass was high and thick after our absence. The lawn mower has no catcher and it tends to pulverise the cuttings, but there were lots of good grass strings to rake up for mulch. I did a lot of tiresome raking, but I managed only enough to cover a little part of the garden before it dried up and disappeared – the sweet corn and some of the pumpkins.  

Otherwise it’s flax straw.  


First weeding, then mulch – then weeding some more. They say that mulching smothers weeds. It helps, but there are many weeds that thrive in mulch, like bindweed, ground elder, thistles, crabgrass and many more. 

So no rest for the wicked!