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Predictions say a winter storm is on it’s way. The first with snow – a blizzard. I’ve prepared by taking in all loose objects and putting up tarps to keep the snow out of two winter work areas.

My workshop behind the house.

The garden tool shed.

I like to keep these open in the summer, so the tarps come down the first warm day of spring.

The morning after a blizzard is such a relief. The winds and the snow have calmed down, and I go out to inspect the damage and to dig out.

The rest stop has held up nicely to the gale force gusts of wind.

The car had to be dug out. It’s good that we live on a big farm where Farmer Eriksson comes with a huge plough to help.

The car looks pretty cool in it’s new cloak of blizzard flames.

We are having a bit of a blizzard today. It started snowing and blowing yesterday. Now the wind is very hard and it’s snowing continuosly whipping up huge drifts. I’ve only been out briefly to get the newspaper, give the birds food and take a couple of pictures.

I’m a bit worried that this ‘busstop’, which I built this spring, could get blown over. It is anchored securely, but is exposed to the worst winds. I’ll keep an eye on it this first storm season and may have to add to the anchorage or steamline it better with tarps.