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We took a trip to see another garden a couple hours north of here in Ockelbo – Wij Gardens – famous for the northern aspect of it’s ‘Forest Garden’, a long rectangular show garden at the entrance. It uses material and plants from the area like fir, pine, birch and spruce trees, bog plants and local plants and weeds, as well as stones, iron and timber from the vicinity.

Birch in the forest garden
Ockelbo is famous for it’s iron works. 
A bog in an iron ‘pool’
Sitting stones
A stonewall in rebar net
Fixing up
Stone flow
The pine alle
There is much more happening and a lot more to see here at Wij Gardens like the rose garden, the horticulture school, the estate buildings, the old iron works, the kitchen gardens, the pedagogical garden for kids, the restaurant and more. But those are other stories. 

In an old, drained bog in the swampy area of this farm, raspberries have established themselves and are in abundance this year. We picked a bucket this morning before the rain. The timely rain (it was getting a bit too dry again).

Cleaned and packaged to be put into the freezer for winter jams and such.

I have raspberries in the garden, but they are never enough, and the wild ones are more abundant and much tastier.