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We finally got a substantial rain – ca 16 mm the last 48 hrs – the first in months. Who would have thought Sweden would have a draught. The water table is at an all time low in many areas. 

Most of the spring chores, however, are done – seeds and plants in and watered mostly by hand. After the rain is a good time to start putting out the flax straw mulch, especially in the walkways. 

The first trays of cabbage are planted and covered with fleece. 

There are still a lot of pumpkins and squash left to plant out, but the cold nights of the first week of June are not in the weather predictions this year so…

I had these savoy cabbages covered with garden fleece, but not very well. ​

Cabbage moths got in and laid thousands of eggs that developed into cabbage worms, which I didn’t notice under the fleece.

High time to get out the BT (bacillus thuringiensis) and do some spraying. If It works the cabbages can make a comeback.  

This is an old story that repeats itself every year. For many years I didn’t even try to grow brassicas, but the last few I’ve been trying many ecological methods of pest control like fleece, wire netting and BT with quite a bit of success. 

One crop circle is finished. The caged garden with a fence around it has all the raised beds made and filled with seeds and plants. Plants that deer and rabbits like – brassicas, chards, beets, leeks etc. 

The brassicas are covered to keep the flea beetles away. 

I’ve finished digging the first crop circle (except for a couple beds of hardy brassicas and leaks). With a sprinkling of leaves it is ready for winter.  

This is nearly two weeks earlier than usual and better done, with regards to the edging and weeding.