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I haven’t made sourdough bread for about 2 months. The starter was languishing in the refrigerator and needed to be revitalized, so I added some rye flour, warm water and let it grow in a warm corner of the kitchen. After a day it was bubbling.

I used 1 deciliter of it to make sourdough bread – the first for a long time. It turned out excellent.

In the meantime the garden is drying and warming up. I’ve started tilling, making beds and sowing.


With a bit more practice and help, my sourdough bread is starting to come up to standard.

In fact it’s delicious! It is moist, bubbly, holds together, and the crust is just right. It goes fast.

This loaf is made with sourdough starter (homemade), whole rye floor, whole wheat floor, salt, sunflower seeds and dried cranberries.

It is so easy to make. Soon I’ll post recipes for both starter and bread.

Following my wifes instructions this time (almost completely) the bread turned out much better.

Quite a bit more moist and airy and delicious.

But still the crust is too hard. Looks like I’ll need a lot more practice to get it just right.

I haven’t made any sourdough bread for many years. The kids have taken it up, so I wanted get back into it again. I couldn’t quite remember the routine, so I figured I’d better go by the book. The book was wrong (or did I misinterpret something). The bread turned out hard and compact like a brick. It tasted great, but this is not the way I want it. Out it goes – to the birds.

I’ve started another dough – this time I’ll listen to the rest of the family. So far it looks very promising.